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GY Strengthening Cyclone Special Single Stack

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Special single riser drainage system is the Ministry of Construction recently popularized new drainage system. As with twenty years of production history of cast iron drainage pipe and accessories professional manufacturers, our company actively involved in China Engineering Construction Standardization Association CECS79:2011 "special single riser drainage system technical specification", CECS307:2012 "enhanced cyclone special single riser drainage system" and 10SS410 "technical specification for construction of special single riser drainage system installation" National building standard design drawings and compiling work.

Since 2006 the company began to cast iron special single riser drainage fittings product research and development work. After nearly three years of efforts, has developed iron GY strengthen the cyclone and cyclone type cast iron Su Vito special single riser drainage system and other 9 series of more than 200 kinds of products. Especially the hydraulics test in Hunan University recently repeated, cast iron type GY we developed to strengthen the cyclone special single riser drainage capacity of drainage system more than 10 liters per second. The test results are not only more than the current domestic and international special single riser products best index, also far more than the cast iron double vertical drainage pipe drainage system 9 liters per second. As the widely used GY enhanced cyclone single stack drainage system to replace the cast iron double pipe drainage system design provides a reliable experimental evidence in the construction design of building drainage.

Cyclone type cast iron Su Vito we developed a special single riser DN100 stack drainage system, the hydraulic test in Hunan University, the water capacity of 7.5 liters per second, reaching the best levels in the same type of Su Vito products drainage ability.

Cast iron type GY developed by our company to strengthen the cyclone and cyclone type cast iron Su Vito special single riser drainage system series products, with its drainage flow, cast iron material is excellent, and the electrostatic epoxy powder spray coating process, which is the other similar products unmatched advantage.

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